Do Cats Get Jealous – 4 Signs of feline jealousy

Do Cats Get Jealous?
I know you love your cats, that’s why you are here. The question that is important while caring for your cats is that did cats have the feelings to be jealous. The Simple answer is YES! Cats Get jealous.

Signs of feline jealousy

A New Family Member
The appearance of a renewed individual or pet in your home can cause jealousness in your cats, whether it is a new partner, puppy, or a new baby your cat may feel that this fresh introduction is not in their family belongs to and respond accordingly. Your feline might assume that another relative will rival them for your consideration.

Loss of Attention
The cats get jealous when you pay attention to another person, thing, or place. They try to get your attention in many ways. Whether you are busy with a new project or with your phone by ignoring them

Lack of Personal Space
As cats are territorial. they believe that they need more space. This could happen when they need to share their food bowl, water bowl, and the things they believe that it’s for only them

Not Making Eye Contact
                Many cats are shy in nature they find it hard to make eye contact. If your cat suddenly stops making eye contact, it might be because of jealousy. Because they are shy, usually find it hard to make eye contact with other peoples

There are some signs of jealousy that you should notice while caring for your cats

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