Best cheap homemade cat food recipe for your lovely feline Vet Approved

Caring for your feline is very important. it is only possible when you give your cat healthy food that they love to eat and enjoy eating that.

Today we are goanna use spinach chicken meat, chicken liver, and peas we will discuss the nutritional value of spinach it contains Vitamin A, C, K, Iron, and Calcium abundantly if your pet is suffering from a urinary tract infection or stones, you should avoid spinach in their diet. Next peas contain Vitamin A, C, and fibers we will add a multivitamin cap to the diet. Let’s go for the rec boiling it, Add chicken and chicken liver
ipe take water and start boil for 10-15min then add peas and boil for 5min

After boiling remove them and chop them in a chopper. After cooling down add vitamin E cap and half tsp vegetable oil in the feed.

Keep them in a polythene bag and store them at 2-8C

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